Thursday, 1 January 2009


yes! its here!!!

this year is going to be the best, because everday im going to make it the best. actually force everday to be good.

new years resolutions. (in no order)

eat more chinese food.
see more foreign places.
see more uk cities.
live everday
work hard. play hard
read more
finish my leg sleeves

there are more... i cant think of them off the top of my head. either way im setting my goals.

i feel really positive about 2009.

kick ass.



to be honest, cant say that 08 was a good one for me... however it had its ups as well as its downs...

moved in to my house.
kicked pandycane into top gear
had some brilliant times with my friends.

which leads to me to a point. this year past the best times i had where with my homeboys... so dont forget that, friends are everything, enjoy life.

make every day count.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

oh! i forgot.

how do you find will smith in the snow?

follow the fresh prints!

so, a polar bear walks into a bar, the women asks, what can i get you? the polar bear replies, a gin and ummmmm tonic please.

the women asks the bear, why the big pause?



hood up. head down.

i really dislike hereford.

i walked around today for an hour, didnt like it one bit.

however, i am still to catch up with my homies, tommorrow night seems to be the night, and the 29th. prime.

i did on the upside buy some emerica midtops today. nice.

oh, and... go here: listen to their christmas ep.

laters peeps!

as the daddy tomato said to the baby tomato. catchup

ok, so...

my macs been in the shop, and ive been sooo busy i really havnt had time to update this at all! so i have about three weeks of things to write about.

1. i still hate the post office.
2. i had assignments, they sucked.
3. the maine kick ass.
4. i love skateboarding.
5. burn the fleet are the best uk band of the year.
6. american inventer is prety damn good. peter johns rulez


that'll do. watch. enjoy.

Monday, 1 December 2008

remember when i said i'd kill you last?

i lied.


i was asked to recommend some films today, it got me thinking...

you should watch a film called 'True Romance'

its actually the joint best film everrrrrr! great cast, great music, great direction... awesome...

and on that note (another joint best film ever):

i beat my hands upon my chest

Wow. what a week!

southampton was uber kick ass. unitruck was just as kick ass, ive had an epic ten days been in various different places and met some awesome bands...

just need to say thank you too: burn the fleet and waiting for sirens, and all of the other southampton boys who actually rock my world, all my wonderful uni friends, josh - TTT everyone else whos been helping out over the last couple of weeks, and especially kai whos been a tremendous help, thanks buddy!!

also. the burn the fleet ep is the best piece of music i have ever heard. ever.

i just want to take this platform to say, what the fuck is up with the post office.

they shut down the desbourgh road one, so now there is only one in wycombe, and it is ALWAYS full. its a fucking joke. pensions, postage and the fucking doll.

i have actually had enough of these fucking crackheads trying to work out if they can rob me whilst im in the post office rockin out to my ipod.

i fucking hate fucking crackheads.

i dont mind the old dears who come in to collect there well earnt pensions, i mean they did actually earn them, but these fucking drugged up thieving pikeys dont do fucking anything. and they say students are lazy? fuckkkkkk themm.

fuck them, fuck them, fuck them.

on a lighter note, ordered new tees, gonna order some more asap!

except. what the hell, i sold cymbal on ebay (thank fuck for the brilliance that is ebay) and the guy still hasnt paid for it, i know its only been two days, but it was payday on friday, and when i buy it now i always pay straight away! and he hasnt emailed me back... who the fuck doesnt check their emails a hundred times a day!

fucking dick. im gonna leave him some SKKKKKETCHY feedback.

peace out.


one more thing.

im quite miffed that my bro- dan ( has a wordpress and not a blogspot. not cool. not cool at all.